If you like to see what goes on behind the scenes,   

Guess what organ Dr. Len is holding in his left hand.

Answer at the Bottom!



An ultrasound of one of our pregnant does.


Do you see the baby goat?

Check below to see if you are correct.

This poor puppy didn't fair to well


First we took out the big tumor attached to the intestines.  Then we found the little tumor.

Then we found these on his liver.  Very bad, and very sad.


A New Record!

A 10 lb tumor out of a 72 lb dog!

This is extremely bad for business!

Yet another 3 lb tumor on the spleen of a dog! 

A cat with an infection in its uterus.

A 3.6 lb. tumor on a 123 lb. dog!


Were you right?

Len is holding a cat's kidney.  It was filled with urine like a balloon and not functioning.


Baby Goat Picture.

What is really cool is to watch the little squirts jump around and their little hearts beating.