What is a Pygancha?  It is a cross between a Lamancha goat (Mom) and a Pygmy goat (Dad).

(Just to let you know a Lamancha goat is the big dairy goat with the really short ears.)

Vanilla Twist

~Nilla is a very smart goat and has done amazing in the Pack Goat classes at the fair!

I hope to breed her some day just for the fun of it and the babies would be 3/4 pygmy and would be great companions!~

(Pygmy Dad)-Willoway Farm's Bravo + (Lamancha Mom)-Tangerine

Nilla says, "Hello!"


Nilla is a funny goat with lots of Personality! She has more of a pinkish colored fur.

Nilla is the boss!! Sidekick and Phantom tend to be her followers. She also loves to bite other goats' ears!

I take her to fair in the Pack Goat class and she is amazing. She is a very smart goat!

Me and Nilla in Pack Goat Class! She was awsome!

Me and Nilla at the Lorain County Fair!

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