BreyerFest 2010!

Pam and Jane had another GREAT weekend at BreyerFest!  It was VERY hot, but the horses didn't seem to mind too much.  The Starchers were great to us, and we tried to help at their Walkabout Farm Breyer Booth.

The stars of the show were Priscilla Presley, and Elizabeth Shatner.  And on Sunday, for the last presentation, William Shatner showed up to drive one of his horses.  I know they are old, but it is still fun to see a celebrity!

BreyerFest 2009!

Pam didn't get to go to BreyerFest because of being in Washington State with her Aunt Kathy.  So, I dragged Len along for the weekend.


John Henry had died since our last visit, and his new memorial is beautiful.  The Park is also getting ready for the World Equestrian Games in 2010.


Breyer Fest 2008

This is a picture of Walkabout Farm's booth that Pam and Jane work at.  This is morning before the park is open.

Thank you Val, Gary and Scott for treating us like family!

Celebration Model!  Alborozo


This is the only model that will be made from this mold.  Breyer literally broke the mold and BreyerFest was the only place you could get one.

We do have one available, new, in the box.  Make an offer!

A view of Kentucky Horse Park, and of "The Big Barn".  Look how many cars can park beside the barn.

BreyerFest 2007.  One of our cooler years.

These Breyers are for the benefit auction on Sat. night.  They are one of a kind.


Pam and one of the Friesian's at Kentucky Horse Park.


BreyerFest 2005

One of the best years.  The Mini Drill Team was wonderful.


BreyerFest 2004

Hidalgo was there.  What a quiet, beautiful stallion.


BreyerFest 2003

Pam tried her hand at showing, and did very well with 2 reserve champions.


BreyerFest 2002

John Henry & Cigar at the Kentucky Horse Park


BreyerFest 2001

Pam and I have quite a few Breyer models for sale, many of them limited additions and short runs. 

If you are looking for a particular mold or model just ask!

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