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 Old Rock Ranch

Last Updated 6/28/15

Contact info:  jane.battig@cedarsidefarms.com

The Does


Willoway Farm's Pinto      


Little Killbuck Jaccob   x   Willoway Farm's Eternal Flame


 Ringo                                                                           Smokey and Spooky                                                   Brown Eyed Girl and Molly

Yes, she has a white leg, but as you can see from her kids she never threw white.  Awesome conformation. 

Her full sister, Willoway Farm's Autumn Treasure, won 2 grands.





In Memory...

Beal's Barnyard Lady Latte



Dance and Moon                                                                                 Venus

  "Old Rock Ranch Moonshadow"        


 Oct. 1, 2006-April 2, 2009

Love you girls!


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