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Pygmy Goats for Sale in Ohio!

7 Beautiful babies.

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Well, it is "Spring", but it sure ain't warm!!

We have 2 boys left.  See below.

Last Updated 4/5/18


Still more babies to come, but I have a waiting list of families that want them.  Check back to see what I have available.

PLEASE plan ahead, if you are thinking about getting some pygmy goats  in the future talk to a breeder NOW!

We raise Loving, Quality Pygmy Goats under the herd names...


PJ's Kids                                       Updated 6/28/15    Owner: Pamela Battig    

                Does: Miss Molly, Silver   Bucks:Gizmo (For Sale or Trade) 

            Wethers: Phantom, Sidekick,    Pyganchas: Nilla

Old Rock Ranch                     Updated 6/28/15    Owner: Jane Battig    

              Does: Bailey,    Bucks: Taylor, Chunk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Tree Frog's Pygmies      Updated 6/28/15     Owner: Tom Battig     


FOR SALE!!!!  Check out their lines on the NPGA website herd book.


                                                                                     This buckling is a Rolling Meadows Southern Comfort and Treefrog Pygmies Bailey baby.  Very blocky.


                                  This buckling is a PJ's Kids Gizmo and PJ's Kids Silver Belle baby.  He has a beautiful face, and very nice markings.


I would love to see these 2 go as bucklings instead of wethers.  They are awesome!

$350 + $15(micro chip) / Goat



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contact info for goats:  jane.battig@cedarsidefarms.com